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Ambika Packaging

Ambika Packaging

Padarayana Pura, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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We are one of the most trusted manufacturers of Packaging Boxes. We help in presenting your product in the best possible packaging at the least possible prices.

Paper Bags

Paper BagsGet Quotation

Paper Bags

Paper BagsGet Quotation

Paper Bags

Custom Paper BagsGet Quotation

Custom Paper Bags

Paper BagsGet Quotation

Paper Bags

Disposable Paper and Board Products

Disposable Paper BagsGet Quotation

Disposable Paper Bags

Packaging Containers

Plastic ContainerGet Quotation

Plastic Container

Food ContainersGet Quotation

Food Containers

Disposable Glasses and Cups

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Disposable Cups

Biodegradable Products

Eco Friendly PlatesGet Quotation

Eco Friendly Plates

Disposable PlatesGet Quotation

Disposable Plates

Tissue Box

Tissue BoxGet Quotation

Tissue Box

Lunch Trays

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Lunch Tray

cocktail umbrellas

Straw UmbrellasGet Quotation

Straw Umbrellas

Sealing Machines

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Sealing Machines

Aluminium Foils and Containers

Aluminium ContainersGet Quotation

Aluminium Containers

Reusable Plates and Bowls

Mini BowlGet Quotation

Mini Bowl

Medium BowlGet Quotation

Medium Bowl

Veg BowlGet Quotation

Veg Bowl

Soup BowlGet Quotation

Soup Bowl

Curry BowlGet Quotation

Curry Bowl

Pizza Box

Pizza BoxGet Quotation

Pizza Box

Paper Pizza BoxesGet Quotation

Paper Pizza Boxes

Pizza Packing BoxesGet Quotation

Pizza Packing Boxes

Other Products

Cling WrapsGet Quotation

Cling Wraps